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Part 1: Mbog Liaa

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Part 1: Mbog Liaa
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These are the names of those who first came out of the Rock, their numbers, the names of their wives, and the number of their children:





No       The Men                                  The Wives                               The Number of Children

1          Ngock                                      Kiwom                                                 14

2          Mbog                                       Kindap                                                 20

3          Njel                                          Kinun                                                   20

4          Mban                                       Kihek                                                    14

5          Mβan                                       Kinom                                                   20

6          Ngaa                                        Kinyemb                                               20

7          Nsaa                                        Ki-Isi                                                     20

8          Bias                                          Kindock                                                20

9          Buwe                                       Kiyikii                                                   20

These people were not wise when they exited the Rock, except Ngock and his wife, so they and the people called Ngock and his wife “Father” and “Mother”, for they thought they brought them to life.


They all lived long, always calling Ngock and his wife “Father” and “Mother”. Once a day, they all gathered at the same place. There, the tom-tom beat at dusk. They always found food and beverage: Wine and water. They ate, then knelt down, bowed deeply, and returned home without looking behind them.


Mban was smart and well-thought. One evening, upon his return home, he wondered why so much honor was given to one man. So, early the next morning, he paid that man, Ngock, a visit. He greeted Ngock and his wife Kiwom. She was the only one who answered him. “Who is that?” Ngock asked.

“Mban,” Kiwon answered. “He who visits this early must be looking for something.”

Ngock kept quiet. Once the sun was out, Kiwom served her husband a yellow yam and a cucumber cake. She washed his hands as the man was still napping. Ngock woke up and ate. Kiwom took the utensils away once Ngock finished his meal.


Ngock asked his wife: “Has he, the one who came here this morning, left?”

“No,” Kiwom replied. “Mban is still here. He hopes to learn something today.”

“Ask him to draw nearer.” When Mban approached, Ngock asked him: “What are you seeking?”

“I couldn't sleep last night,” Mban replied. “I am worried. I would like to know who my parents are, who their own parents were, so that I may answer who asks.”

Ngock kept quiet. Mban was still standing by the door. He did not know what else to say or do.


Dusk darkened. Ngock asked his wife again: “Is he gone, the one who came here today?”

“Mban is still here. His heart is filled with love, hope, and the desire for knowledge,” replied Kiwom.

Ngock turned to the young man. “Who sent you to my home that early this morning?”

“O Father, O Mother, even my wife does not know that I came here this morning,” he said. “My mind sent me, and I hope that you will heal me from my ignorance.”

Ngock said: “Call everybody.”


The people were surprised that the head of the family was calling a meeting without prior notice. Fear and submission made them give in. They came, even though it was not suppertime and the tom-tom has not resounded. Mban said to Ngock: “Father, we are all here.”

Ngock called Mbog, the brother who came immediately after him, and asked him: “Who sent Mban to my home this morning?”

“Why do you think that if Mban comes to your home early in the morning, someone must have sent him? We know nothing about Mban's early walks,” Mbog answered.


“What do you have to say?” Ngock asked Mban one more time.

“Father, I'd like to know my real parents' names, so that I am able  to answer who inquires. I will answer according to the words that come out of your mouth.”

The people were silent. For a long t ime, no one spoke. A while later, as Ngock awaited a reply that was not forthcoming, he said: “You may go.” They bowed and left. Mban remained standing by the door. An hour later, Ngock asked his wife: “Is he gone, the one who came here early this morning?”

“Mban is still here,” she said.


That is when Ngock said to his wife: “Wash his face and utter three wishes of happiness on his behalf.”

Kiwom brought water in a green calabash and said to the man: “Patience will help you inherit from your father and me. Perseverance will help you harvest the goods of this world and bring order to it. You will bless (the) one and (the) many in front of the multitude. As a result, may they receive whatever they deserve.”

When Ngock heard his wife's utterances, he jumped on his feet and exulted with joy like a teenage boy. He took Mban's hand and guided him to the Rock they all came out of. This is a fact Mban was not aware of at that moment.


At the Rock's entrance, Ngock stood at the opening and said: “O Rock, say the blessing for me!”

The spirits of the Rock responded: “Long life like the Rock eternal!” The spirits said this blessing three times. The spirits imposed their hands on Mban and asked him: “Do you understand the real meaning of this blessing, Long live Mban like the Eternal Rock?”

“By my father's power, if it happens that nobody knows it, I will perform the appropriate rituals,” he said.

After he said that, he saw all that was in store for him. His mind's eye opened. He became a seer.


Next he was carried to the second entrance called Juu (Night) and Jiibe (Darkness). Ngock arrived a little later. He greeted all and said: “I am growing tired. All I own now goes to Mban. Hand all the gifts that were destined to me to him as we speak.”

Once he said these words, Mban saw the ills that were to befall the land. The spirits placed their hands over his head and asked him: “Do you know the real meaning of the word Juu? If you know, then you may, from this day forward, transform yourself into anything else. You have the power to heal. What you say shall come to be. What you explain shall be well understood.”

“For my father who worked and whom I never knew,” Mban responded, “my father who fed the multitude and the whole country, if all these gifts are now mine, then I shall rejoice.”


#3 Antoine MBOK 25-01-2012 21:49
Great Website i am proud of your efforts.
#2 admin 06-01-2011 09:21
C est la présence de l'index de l'article qui genait les positions.
Erreur reparée.
Kel i lam.
#1 Manmut 06-01-2011 08:50
Je pense qu'il y a une erreur sur la premiere colonne,
Ngok doit etre ò gauche et quiwom a droite????
Et puis ici on a pas dit Adam, abraham, salomon...jacob etc

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