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Convo with Suzanne Hot, our ticket to cameroonian urban music!

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Suzanne Hot is a music fan from Cameroon. In addition to being a video girl and appearing in many music videos in the country, she also hosts shows and enjoys being involved in any way in the Cameroonian urban music circle. caught up with Suzanne Hot to know how urban music doing in the country. We talked about what is hot right now, what to look forward to and even beefs in cameroonian hip hop.


Museke: What to say about Suzanne hot?

Suzanne Hot: Well I m Suzanne hot. I am from Cameroon and I love music as well.
I love anything that has to do with music and culture and I always participate in cultural events in Cameroon when I can.

Museke: Are you in Cameroon right now?

Suzanne hot: No! Right now I am in Bucharest but I was in cameroon last December and January
and I am hoping to be there this summer.

Museke: Last time I saw you was in Duc- Z's last video Je ne donne pas le lait. How was the experience?

Suzanne hot: Oh yeah! It was a good experience. It’s always good to be in a youthful enviroment especially with people you know. The atmosphere was nice and the video is very hot!

With DUCZMuseke: So what do you think of the song “je ne donne pas le lait” this last one is an internet sensation.

Suzanne Hot: really! I like the song. Duc-Z uses a very common expression in Cameroon. Putting that in the song was a great idea.

Museke: what does "je ne donne pas le lait" mean?

Suzanne Hot: je ne donne pas le lait word for word means I am not giving milk. It can have several meanings; we use it to say I am too fly, I am swaging like some people say or just to say I am someone who is good at something and nobody should mess with me. It can also mean that I do not deal with Bull and I am a proud individual.

Museke: There is another song Je ne donne pas le lait with Franky P, Boud’or and many other artists. Have you heard it?

Suzanne Hot: I heard about it but I haven’t listened to it yet. Franky P and Duc Z belonged to the same crew back in the day you know?

Museke: Yes I know. How do you think they are with each other now that they are not together anymore? Is there a little beef between them?

Suzanne Hot: You know there is no showbiz without some beef, competition and the need to want to do better. That’s the philosophy of the hip hop milieu. But, they are both very talented artists.

Museke: So talking about Franky P...

Suzanne Hot: He has been in the game in Cameroon for a while now and he has gained maturity with time. I did work with him a while ago in a video for the song Belle. He is great!

With SultanMuseke: Who do you think run the game right now in Cameroon in term of urban music?

Suzanne Hot: Well first I will talk about a good friend of mine Sultan Oshiminh who released his latest album not long ago. He does reggae/raga/dancehall. Also 20 cent is a female rapper who is blowing right now.

Museke: what else is hot right now in the “Mboa”

Suzanne Hot: An all female rapper compilation was released early this year. We are trying to show the value of female rappers. That is very important because there are very talented female MCs in Cameroon. The mixtape was called urban ladies it is only available in Cameroon and it is doing very good.

Museke: So I heard you are also good friend with Danielle Eog. What is the news about the release of her new album?

Suzanne Hot: The last time I saw her, she was still cooking it. She really wants to come with something good. She has a very great voice. She did a song not long ago with Krotal. The song is called a nous la vie and it is in Krotal’s last album. I worked with them on the video; it should be out very soon. For now you can enjoy the teaser.

Museke : I really like that song "A nous la vie".

Suzanne Hot: Yes it is a very nice song. It is a mixture of Afrobeat, Makossa and Coupé Décalé.

Museke: You were at the video shoot for the song? How was it?

Suzanne Hot: Yes. It started later than scheduled; you know how it is.
But the atmosphere was great and a lot of artists came to share the energy with Krotal. The team was very professional. You know Krotal is a perfectionist!

Museke: What else is it to look forward to?

Suzanne Hot: There is a young group of girls in Cameroon called the Kitkat girls
As far as RnB is concern they are the best female group. They will be releasing their album at the end of this year. I am sure it will be very hot.

Museke: So I know the kamer hip hop show is one of the hottest event to showcase what cameroon has to offer in hip hop and RnB.

Suzanne Hot: Yes it is a platform for artists to express themselves not just in organizing concerts but in any Cameroonian event where hip-hop is concerned. The hip hop culture is growing and kamerhiphop is doing a good job at keeping the fans of that culture informed. It is a great initiative.
I always enjoy being part of such cultural events in Cameroon and it kills me to be missing shows like this when I am away. But I will be back there next month.

Museke: Don’t forget then to update us on what is hot this summer in Cameroon. We want to hear from you!

Suzanne Hot: Thank you guys! I’ll keep in touch!




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